Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome to the new home for my blog

Greetings!  This is the new home for my "Living Sustainably in the Shadow of Climate Change" blog.  After writing 153 posts since May 2012, I have decided to upgrade to a more user-friendly blog format.  If you want to go back and review my earlier posts, click here to see the original blog.   I also plan to go back and re-post some of my early posts in this new improved format.

New visitors may wish to view the Living Sustainably page of my web site to learn about what I am doing to reduce my carbon foorprint.

The image of the earth above was taken by Reid Wiseman a US astronaut on the ISS.   I have cropped and inverted it to fit my format.  Reid considers this one of his favorite sunrise images of the earth from space.

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