Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reducing waste - repairing my trash can

Last winter when the temperatures here in Maine were well below 0°F the trash collectors accidentally drove over the plastic lid of our plastic trash can and it cracked across the middle.  I repaired it with duct tape across both sides to keep the rain and snow out of the trash and the repair lasted until now.  Sitting out in the hot summer sun today, the duct tape came loose and I almost considered asking our trash collectors to take the whole can next time.  What was I thinking?  I am Mr. Sustainable!  So I decided to repair it by stitching it together with some nylon twine.
Here is a close-up of my surgical style stitching:
I added a little Crazy Glue around each hole to secure the twine.  Dr. Frankenstein would be proud!  I am hoping this lid will last many more years.  It is the little things like this that when added up represent my personal commitment to reducing my footprint on our planet.  Given a little patience and ingenuity almost anything can be repaired and kept out of the landfill.


  1. GOOP And drill the point of cracks to stop propagation

  2. Yes, GOOP is good stuff, but I'm not sure it will bond to this plastic and hold up in all weather. Might give it a try though.


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