Friday, January 29, 2016

More fun with time-lapse photography

In my last blog post, I had just started getting to know my new Brinno TLC200 Pro time lapse camera.  Since then I have made a number of videos under varying conditions, all of which have turned out really well.  Here's a picture of the camera:
Brinno TLC pro
Once you own a time-lapse camera, you think of all kinds of uses for it.  I have always wanted to see a day in the life of my cat.  She is over 12 years old and relatively sedentary and she likes to sit in her window seat and sleep and then watch the birds at the bird feeder outside the window occasionally.  So I set up the camera to document her from mid-morning until dusk.
Click image to see YouTube video
I have been making wood bowls from freshly cut trees for the last few years.  When an apple tree blew down in a storm recently I was able to harvest some beautiful wood and made some bowls from it.  The rest of the tree will be harvested for firewood.  I set up the camera to take images once per second and got this great video.
Click image to see YouTube video

Update Feb 5, 2016:  I always wanted to see myself clearing snow using my Craftsman snow thrower and we got 7" today so I set up the camera outside with it's waetherproof housing.

Click image to see YouTube video

These videos were all shot in 1080 P high-definition video, so you can view them full-screen and they look great.  Stay tuned to my YouTube channel to see more videos as I put them up.

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