Friday, January 1, 2016

The Visual Handbook of Energy Conservation

If you have been reading my blog or website, then I assume that you're interested in energy conservation and living sustainably.  A few years ago Charlie Wing published his excellent book: "The Visual Handbook of Energy Conservation".  (click here to get it from Amazon) Charlie is well known for his excellent books on a variety of building topics and I have met him and worked with him on a number of occasions.  In fact he used to live down the road from me a few years before I moved into the neighborhood.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone who is interested in reducing their energy consumption and lowering operating costs in their home.  The book is written in simple clear language, and every page contains exquisite illustrations, charts, and diagrams in Charlie's inimitable style.  He covers everything from the basic physics of energy to detailed specifics of how building heating systems work.  For instance, he covers every possible detail of every kind of building construction in order to explain what is optimal and how to improve it from an energy conservation standpoint.  

I was just re-reading the book and found that there were major "aha" moments for me in every chapter.  I found myself running around the house reviewing what I have done and considering improvements.  Most of his suggestions for energy conservation are easy, inexpensive things that any home handy person can handle.

I am confident that the investment of $20 or so in purchasing this book will yield an excellent return on investment if you only implement a very few of the suggestions contained within.  If you are planning to make substantial upgrades to your home's energy efficiency, then this will be the perfect handbook to guide you through optimal choices and could save you thousands of dollars both now and in the future.

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