Wednesday, May 15, 2019

My updated web site

People that know me, know that I earn the bulk of my living through electronics design.  I specialize in working with inventors and small companies to prototype electronic inventions.  And I develop electronic products all the way through to manufacturing.  So for those of you who did not know this about me, I have just created a new site for my business:
Or click the image below to see it.
If you (or a friend) have a great idea for an electronic product, I can make it a reality!

Don't worry, my old site is still there.  But that one is now focused primarily my art, woodworking, and other projects and how I live sustainably with solar power, heating and an electric vehicle - and much more!  I first built this site back in 1997 and it now runs to over 300 pages of cool stuff.

My other web site: ArtTecSolar is just for the solar products that I manufacture.  I make 3 models of Differential Temperature Controllers for solar thermal systems.  Click the image below to go there:
I have been passionate about living sustainably for decades and I'm hoping to contribute to the survival of the planet and the human species through all my efforts.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Solar fountain


I had been considering putting out a bird bath for a while when I came across this solar fountain on Amazon for under $20.  It was irresistible!  A fountain water feature for my lawn and it runs on it's own solar panels!  I got a plant tub and filled it with water from my rain barrel - and top it up every few days.  The sound of water tinkling is delightful.

I installed toothpicks into the foam edge to keep the fountain centered so the water does not get thrown over the edge.
It comes with different nozzles for various spray shapes and just floats perfectly on the water.  When there is little sun due to clouds or time of day, it pulses in little squirts, but in full sun the fountain goes up over 12".