Monday, October 26, 2020

Why I buy organic food

 I recently mentioned to a friend that I only buy organic milk.  As a Mainer who is naturally frugal, he didn't understand why I would spend more money for it.  I explained that to me it just tastes better, but I am also voting with my dollars to support organic agriculture.  I also buy certified organic produce both in the supermarket and from local farmers at the farmers market when I can.

I also use the organic milk to make my own yogurt using a small inexpensive yogurt maker.  After finding that Stonyfield is my favorite brand, I simply use that as a starter to make my own which is less expensive and tastes just as good since I am starting from organic milk.  I buy a quart of Stonyfield yogurt a couple of times a year to restart the process.

The O organics brand at the Shaws supermarkets here in Maine is affordable, and I am pleased that this company supports organic products and local farmers.