Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another M190 Microinverter failure

I was an early adopter of the first M190 microinverters made by Enphase back in 2009.  They came with a 15 year warranty that is running out in 4 years and I'm getting anxious.  These first generation units are beginning to fail often - the 8th one to fail was this week.  This is out of a total of 29 devices of that generation.  I have installed some newer ones since, and replaced the failed ones with the newer models under warranty.  Fortunately they make it easy as an installer to order a replacement via their web portal.
Latest failed microinverter as of 3/2020
This one is on the top row, so my friend and I can access it from the roof ridge and from a ladder.  It takes us less than an hour once I get the replacement part, but it's a chore that is getting old.   The price I am paying for being an enthusiastic early adopter!

8 failures so far
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