Saturday, June 6, 2020

Upgrading from 100W halogen to 17W LED celiling light fixture

In my guest room I have had a 100W dim-able halogen ceiling light since 2001.  It creates a nice ambience when dimmed down and is bright enough for a bedroom, but it's an energy hog.  So I found an affordable replacement at Lowe's made by Progress Lighting that uses LED light and draws a max of 17W.  It is also fully dim-able - a relatively new feature for LED lighting.

Here's the old vs new inside:

Halogen light
Halogen light
LED light
LED light

Here are the specs:
Ideally this lamp will last longer than I will!

Here's the packaging:
It's not the most stylish light, but it reads as brighter than the halogen and the color is a pleasant warm tone (3000K).  They had more modern minimalist styled lights at Lowe's, but they were outside my budget.

Looking closer at the lamp inside when it is dimmed down to minimum shows all the tiny LEDs:

Overall I'm impressed with this energy saver - except for one thing.  They used non-recyclable Styrofoam in the packaging.  Many other lamps come packed in cardboard or other recyclable paper product.

I am particularly pleased that this uses less than one-fifth of the energy of the old halogen lamp. My new roommate is likely to use this lamp a lot so it will definitely impact my energy budget and benefits the planet.