Saturday, November 30, 2019

Electric room heater failed - not repairable

This afternoon I went to turn on the electric heater I use for supplemental heat in my office when it gets really cold outside.  It didn't come on and beeped sadly and the display did not light.  I really liked this heater because it had a digital thermostat that I could set, and also a timer so it would shut off after a preset number of hours.  So I tore it apart and spend 1/2 hour testing the electronics.  I could not find the failure even though it was all quite well designed.  (As a product designer, I should know!).  So sadly I had to trash it.  I just saved a few components that I could use.

The new Lasko ceramic heater I got came packed in sustainable/recyclable materials which is a plus.  Also it is very quiet so I may move it to my bedroom where I can control it from my Nest thermostat, replacing a noisier heater.  (See the post about how I built an interface to control a room heater for my Nest here.)

I hate disposing products, but if I can't fix it - nobody can!