Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The perfect washing machine

When we moved into our current home in 2001 we purchased a new Staber washing machineIt is the most efficient washer available based on energy, water, and detergent usage.  It is particularly pleasing to know that it was designed and is still manufactured by a family owned business based in Ohio. 

Looking down into the hexagonal washing chamber
What is distinctive about this machine is that it is a top loading horizontal axis design.  See this promotional video that shows its features, and a cool video about How It's Made.  When you open the lid, you are presented with two stainless steel doors that open into a hexagonal washing chamber that rotates inside a larger water tank.  This means that it uses significantly less water, detergent, and also electricity due to its very simple and elegant design.

Front view with cover removed
We noticed a little water underneath the washing machine yesterday so I jumped into repairing it today.  To be clear, this is the first repair I have had to do on this machine in over 13 years!  I remembered that another major feature of this washer is that repairs can be accomplished from the front which is quite unique in the industry and a very thoughtful piece of design.  It was quite simple to remove four screws from the bottom front edge and then take off the front as seen in the image above.  I discovered that a flexible rubber hose had developed a leaking seal where it exits the bottom of the large stainless steel water tank.  It was a relatively simple matter to clean off the existing silicone sealant and replace it with new silicone.  Problem solved!

While this machine is relatively expensive at $1300, I am sure it has saved us hundreds of dollars in energy, water, and detergent.  Overall we have been extremely pleased with it, although my wife occasionally complains that it is a bit harsh on delicates.  If you are looking to replace your machine with a beautifully engineered piece of American design and want something extremely efficient - look no further than Staber!


  1. We use a Fisher & Paykel Ecosmart toploader washer with lower water usage, variable speed motor, and 1000 RPM spin dry with good results. The US dryer technology needs a step change and will be a "next big thing" for some company. It needs to use outside air to avoid dumping conditioned air. It needs modern furnace, heat recovery, and or heat pump technology. Today's electric dryers are installed in 75% of homes and waste tremendous energy compared to conventional gas. Both exhaust huge amounts of indoor air. An opportunity for the next Steve Jobs of the appliance world. Probably will be a Chinese or Japanese innovator.

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